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Yoga on the Central Park’s Great Lawn-10,000 Strong!

Join me tomorrow, Tues June 22, for an incredible yoga event in New York’s gorgeous Central Park.

Brought to you by flavorpill, the goal of the event is to gather 10,000 people of all different shapes, sizes, and  yoga levels to practice together, making it the largest yoga class in the world!

Doors open at 5:30, kicking off the event with live music and performers. Class starts at 7:15–and you get a FREE JetBlue yoga mat!

And what’s better than being outside on a gorgeous day doing yoga? The fact that tickets are FREE!

Just go to the website, enter in promo code COBRA, and you’re all set! You can even invite 2 friends.

Hope to see you there!

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At Home Yoga

My latest obsession besides detox baths: Yoga at home.

For the past few weeks I’ve been indulging my downward dog cravings each morning. Just 20 minutes incorporated into my morning routine has made a noticable difference in my day. Not only do I get a little bit of exercise first thing in the morning, but yoga is a wonderful way to stretch and bend out all those nighttime kinks (not kinky. Kinks)

I’ve discovered Exercise TV on Demand (NY TIme Warner channel 1025). They have about 15 yoga routines to choose from, ranging from 11 minutes to over an hour, all different levels and types. I’m fond of Zen in Your Den for my early morning routine and the Sunset yoga with Sarah Ivanhoe to wind down at night.  Of course the channel also has many other workouts to choose from, like the “10 Minute” series, cardio, and Jillian Michaels.

So, try, just try, to get up 20 minutes earlier, break out your yoga mat in the comfort of your own home, and get your downward dog on early. I swear it will make you feel SO much better!


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Journey Dancing My A$$ Off!

I hope you had a lovely weekend! Mine was quite fabulous, thank you.

On Sunday I had the pleasure of going to the West Side Pure Yoga  (OMG, have you been to that place? It’s drop dead GORGEOUS!) for a workshops where I danced, hardcore, for 2 straight hours. Incredible DJ, fun people, free-form dancing, letting my freak flag fly, sweating more than I have in ages. Sound up your alley?

This, my friends, is Journey Dance, created by the amazing Toni Bergins. To take Toni’s class–let alone be in the same room as she–is magical. She has the most incredible, abundant, radiating energy I have ever experienced. Sorry to get woo-woo on you, but it’s true.

So, what IS Journey Dance? According to the website:

JourneyDance is a grooving celebration that will have you loving your body and loving your life! Weaving simple, guided movement sequences and free exploration, JourneyDance reconnects you with your innate state of joyous well-being. Your mind becomes clear, free, and positive, and your body feels supple, energized, and powerful. Practiced to inspiring world music, your dance is an empowering journey to self-acceptance and transformation.

And if you’re still confused, check out this Youtube video to see a class in action.

I highly recommend signing up on the website so you won’t miss out on Toni’s next New York adventure (she rarely comes to NYC!). Oh, and btw, this is an fantastic entire body is sore, but in the “good” sore type of way.

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Yoga and Weight Loss

fkikr::Eric Lon

flikr::Eric Lon

Great news for all the yoginis out there! The Journal of the American Dietetic Association recently published a study which found that yoga is linked with more eating awareness, leading to less weight gain.  Practicing yoga leads to healthier eating habits because mindfulness is such a major component of yoga.

The study collected data from people who practiced yoga more than one hour per week, people who walked for at least 90 minutes per week, and people who got more than 90 minutes of moderate to strenuous activity per week.

The findings:  People who ate mindfully (meaning, those who were conscious of their reasons for eating and who stopped eating when full) had a lower body mass than people who ate mindlessly in response to sadness, stress, or when they were not hungry.

The yoga practitioners scored highest on a Mindful Eating Questionnaire.  Engaging in the other activities (walking, strenuous activity) was not associated with mindful eating.  Som in sum, yoga can = mindful eating = weight loss!

This is definitely motivation to pick up my yoga practice again! I used to go 3-4x/week and now I’m lucky if I make it to one class.  The focus on the breath and mindfulness that is associated with yoga is my favorite part and it carries over into the rest of my day. If you spend your time in the gym on the treadmill or cardio classes, try a yoga class. It’s a wonderful complement to your existing routine (runners swear by it for their tight leg muscles)

But remember, while yoga is wonderful for your body, mind, and spirit, don’t neglect other forms of exercise, such as cardio and strength training. A combination of all 3 is ideal!

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Labor Day Weekend Nibble’s

I hope you enjoy a nice LONG weekend! I’m heading to Cape Cod for a wedding, and I couldn’t be more excited. I haven’t been to the Cape since I was a little girl. I’m also excited for the road trip we have ahead of us, and the 17 hour music mix that Matt has expertly crafted. Matt, I know, is excited to eat his weight in lobster rolls and fried seafood, as I lovingly watch and cheer him on.

Here are this week’s links:

The American Heart Association made a public announcement telling people to cut their sugar intake. YES! (Yours truly has been sugar free for over 2 months now!!!)

New York is targeting the beverage industry as major contributors of sugar to our diet. Have you seen these ads?

Another drawback to obesity: you get dumber!

Stick to whole foods, and ignore the ridiculous claims on packaged goods. It’s all about the marketing!

Some great tips on how to cut the sugar out of your life.

And some tips on how to cut 100 calories out of your diet. It all adds up!

Another reason to downward dog-yoga can help your eating!

Do you know your stomach? I mean, really know it? Take this fun quiz and find out!

I swear there is something in the water, as many of my friends have become pregnant recently. While I’m not ready yet, I can still prepare my body for pregnancy

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This week’s nibbles

appalachian_trail_signThis week’s links are coming to you a day early since I will be away Fri-Monday (so new post on Tuesday) Lucky me, I’ll be hiking in New Hampshire on the Appalachian Trail. Pictures will definitely be posted after the weekend.  Unfortunately, the forcast calls for rain every day (requiring another trip to the store to buy gear that I will probably never use again) so that should make the hiking interesting. But a weekend away, banning the buzz (cell phones, computers, etc) is MUCH needed.

A few more notes:

As you know, I am the nutrition blogger for Naked Apartments. The site is finally LIVE–so all you New Yorkers who are looking to rent an apartment, please check it out. It’s a fabulous site.

Second, I’m now a twitter-head (Check out my twitter feed on the right side of the blog). Find @cakeandcarrots at Twitter and follow me! I post and discuss nutrition issues that I don’t talk about on the blog. Plus you can learn a little bit more about my daily activities!

The Cake and Carrots blog is currently undergoing a renovation. I hope to unveil a new website by early next month. I can’t wait to show you.

And lastly, many of you know that I’ve been using this week to rest, relax, and restore (aka create some new brain cells)  between my crazy Phish roadtrip last weekend and my upcoming hiking trip. Hence the shorter posts and recipes. Next week, however, I’ll be back with some NEW content.

Have a great weekend….and without further ado, your links of the week:

*Think twice before putting your bag on the counter. Microbes abound!

*Love avocado so much you want to take a bath in it? (Or is that just me) Whether you like it a lot or a little, it’s a wonderful food to incorporate into your diet.

*Detox your body without the master cleanse

*Want to live a long, wonderful, happy life? Just do four simple things.

*A candlelit dinner is so cliche. Try yoga for a unique first date! Written by one of my most favorite divas ever!

*Try this for a morning boost. Matt and I love it!

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Friday Nibbles

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you have some great weekend plans ahead of you. I’ll be roadtrippin’ to Hartford, the Berkshires, and Saratoga Springs to see Phish play their final shows of their summer tour. Can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend! 

Thank you to those who left comments about topics they want to know more about. The invitation ALWAYS stands, so continue to ask away.

Here are this week’s top stories:

Most importantly, check out my post from Naked Apartments on what might be lurking in your reusable tote bags.

Do we need milk in our lives? I believe the answer is NO.

Some tips on how to build a better relationship with your food. Cause it’s all about the love.

Yoga and eating. A perfect partnership to curb your eating.

As if you needed another excuse to eat chocolate!

All veggies are good for your health, but these are REALLY good.

All this talk about health care reform.  How about HEALING reform?

We all love dirty secrets. Especially ones about body fat.

Very important for summer–natural remedies for mosquito bites. Written by a fellow diva friend!

I knew it was too good to be true when the Arc trainer at the gym showed I had burned 200 calories in 15 minutes

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Kripalu and Sun

urlIn celebration of completing my summer classes, I booked a day at the Kripalu yoga resort in the Berkshires with my mom.  It’s hard to believe that I had never been there before, since I love yoga and we have a home about 10 minutes away from Kripalu. The entire experience was wonderful, so relaxing, and so necessary after 6 weeks of intense microbiology.

The Kripalu building is very large and quite institutional-like (not yoga woo-woo like you might think) since it was an old Jesuit school. I was quite underwhelmed at first with my environment (excluding the gorgeous setting and nature all around us), but I  quickly got over it as I progressively got more relaxed.  All levels of yoga classes are offered throughout the day, as well as YogaDance, lectures, and hiking/kayaking excursions. I also took a very cool Ayurvedic yoga class, learning some hand “mudras” that correspond with the Ayurvedic elements. 

Kripalu is known for their incredible programs, ranging from a weekend to one week, with world reknowned speakers, healers, and yoga teachers.  For example, Deepak Chopra is speaking this coming Friday-Sunday.  At any given time there are as few as three special programs occurring , so everyone is there for different reasons, but all united by their love of yoga and personal growth—what a wonderful place to be!

The food was phenomenal, but buffet style, which of course can be a downfall to most people, including me. I definitely ate too much. How could I not take a taste of everything? We definitely enjoyed, that’s for sure. I headed right to the gift shop after lunch and bought their cookbook, which has simple, natural recipes. I can’t wait to get started!

We also partook in the Healing Arts, meaning two massages and energy work. The massages were phenomenal, and I think I fell asleep both times.  The energy work was a combination of energy balancing, chakra balancing, and Reiki. I never had that type of therapy before and it was certainly an experience. As I was lying down face up, at one point the therapist put her hands on either side of my head. I literally felt palpable energy moving back and forth between her hands, crossing through my brain, with my eyes quickly moving right and left. Very weird—but very cool!

My mother and I left stretched, relaxed, full, and satisfied.

 And then, of course, silly me had to go ruin it by getting totally burned on my friend’s boat the next day!!!  But it was worth it. Nothing’s better than a good friend, girl talk, and a crisp bottle of white wine floating in the middle of a Berkshire lake.

What did you do this weekend? Are you making sure to schedule some you-time, to relax, enjoy, and try new things this summer? It doesn’t have to be a day at the spa. It could be a day at the park, a yoga class, or a walk around your neighborhood. But do something, anything, that restores you.  Sitting on the sofa watching a movie may be relaxing, but it isn’t necessarily restorative–an experience that makes you feel, well, more you.  I came back from the weekend feeling like a new woman, and it feels GREAT!

What are you doing that’s restorative to you?

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