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Anatomy of a Damn Good Meal

On Wednesday, Matt and I had the extreme pleasure of dining with our good friend and professional Chef, Randy Rabney of The Conscious Plate (Visit her website and sign up for her amazing newsletters–I always learn so much from her!)

I just wanted to show you some pics of our dinner that Randy made.

First, Randy and Matt:

They are posing so beautifully with our appetizer: grilled flatbread with 2 different cheeses (Don’t remember the type, but they were delish!). One was topped simply with arugula and drizzled with truffle oil (swoon!) and the other with basil and a beautiful red and white heirloom tomato that just tasted like summer.  Randy also offered us truffled honey to drizzle on top, although my darling Matt ate it straight from the jar with a spoon!

Here’s a close up of the appetizer:

Looks good, right? It was. And so simple.

Next up, dinner…steak (grass-fed, naturally) cooked to perfection, a simple summer salad (arugula, sweet corn, grilled zucchini, scallions, and a simple vinaigrette) and grilled potatoes.

Are you hungry yet?

But don’t forget about dessert! Randy’s next door neighbor is The Able Baker who made rockin’ mocha cupcakes for us. They were amazeballs.

All of this was paired with a Brunello di Montalcino that Matt and I bought on our honeymoon….it was 10 years old and simply the greatest wine ever.

I wanted to show you this meal not only to make you jealous, but also show you how a good, wholesome, memorable meal need not be complicated. In fact, simplicity rules….and that’s what randy lives by. High quality ingredients will stand alone.

Thanks, Randy!

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Hotter than Hades

Ok, we all know that it’s dang hot in the Northeast right now. It’s no fun when I walk my dog at 6am and it’s already 88 degrees!

I’m sure you’re remembering to stay hydrated and drinking lots of water.

The MOST important glass of water you can have ALL day, however, is first thing when you wake up. Think about it: your body has been slumbering for 6+ hours (I hope!) with no hydration. An important gift you can give to your body right when you wake up is trodding over to the kitchen, pouring yourself a tall class of H20, and downing that shizz. So there you go–1 glass of water down for the day!

Bonus points if you add lemon.

If drinking water and liquids isn’t your thing, all hope is not lost. Try eating fruits and vegetables with a high water content, such as watermelon, melons, peaches, celery, cucumber, eggplant, and zucchini.

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Go Green with your Exercise

Just in time for summer!

This month’s Weill Cornell Medical College Food & Fitness Advisor reports findings from a UK study that found that just   5 minutes of “green” exercise each day lifted study participants’ moods and boosted their self esteem. The study was published online on March 25th in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.

And what is “green” exercise, you ask? The term refers to an activity in the presence of nature, such as walking, boating, gardening, cycling, fishing, horseback riding, and my favorite, hiking.

The most significant improvements in mood and self-esteem occurred when the participants were in the presence of water. Interesting!

So, next time at the beach, put the drink down, get out of your lounge chair, and take a little walk.  Not only is it good for the body, but good for the soul.  Me…I’ll be hiking in the Berkshires!

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