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Be Healthy While You’re Easing Down the Road

So…what are you doing this Sunday, September 24th at 9:30 EST?

Nothing? Well, Perfect then!!! Cause I’ve got your evening activity.

I have the honor of speaking to one of the most fabulous women I know, artist Joanne (aka TrickyDame) who spreads the words “Magic  Passion  Love” everywhere she goes.  Joanne is embarking on a crazy road trip across the country and needs some help with eating wholesome food on the road.

Along with Yiska Obadia, one of my mentors from Redefining Diet, I’ll be gabbing with Joanne on Blog Talk Radio Live about maintaining health while traveling.

As Trickydame prepares to leave Tybee Island, GA to continue travel on the MPL-USA Art Tour, she’s hoping her TWO SPECIAL GUESTS will give her some insight on how to eat healthy!! Amanda Mittman is a blogger & Certified Holistic Health Counselor who introduced me to Yiska Obadia. I attended her workshop, “Redefining Diet” and it was awesome! Should be a great chat! Call in especially, If you have any questions for Yiska & Amanda!

Call-in Number: (347) 202-0609

I hope to speak with you on the call..You can put off washing your hair and picking out your Monday outfit for an hour. This is way more fun.

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Tonight’s Evening Activity–bingefest!

Oh, tiny cookies. You are the devil in my pantry!

Oh, tiny cookies. You are the devil in my pantry!

Tonight I came home from my shift at the co-op and after a small dinner proceeded to totally binge. And I mean binge like I haven’t done in awhile, since before I stopped eating sugar two months ago. Granted, my binge involved healthy foods, not ho-hos, chips, and ding-dongs, but nevertheless it was a binge (out of control eating). Of course this was all done as I was STANDING UP (another one of my personal no-no’s) in my kitchen as I was prepping for lunch tomorrow.  It was pretty comical, actually, to see me stuffing my face with cacao cookies and simultaneously steaming broccoli. You didn’t know I was such a good multi-tasker, huh?  I knew exactly what I was doing when I was binging. I could have stopped myself but the food tasted too good and I wanted to keep on eating, plain and simple.

Why am I telling you this? For a few reasons. First, it always helps me to “out” myself after a binge. It brings me back to reality and forces me to deal with what just happened. Usually I just tell Matt. Now I have the blogosphere.  Second, I want you to know that even though I write a health and wellness blog, that I am a holistic health counselor and an NYU nutrition student, I have disordered eating at times. In fact, out of control and binge eating (especially with yummy sweet things) has been a part of my life for quite some time. As healthy as I might seem, and yes, I am very healthy, I certainly don’t have a halo around my head. And to be perfectly honest, nobody does.  And lastly, I want you to know that just because you have a setback, or two, or three, it’s OK. Life as you know it isn’t over (Remember the definition of normal eating, too!) There’s always the next meal or the next day to get back on track.  I can’t tell you how many crying fits I’ve had, so many nasty things I’ve said about myself after a binge like this. Of course that only made me feel worse and cause me to binge more. Talk about a downward shame spiral!

My dear friend Yiska of Redefining Diet likened our relationship with food and eating to being on a staircase. If all goes well, we hike up that staircase and make progress towards our goals, whatever they may be (losing weight or not eating dessert for example) However, there are times (like tonight) that we stumble a little bit and fall back a stair or two. But we never fall OFF. There is no “wagon” to fall off or get back on to. It’s just one big staircase that we are climbing, and sometimes we’re up and sometimes we fall. Sometimes we slip up and eat something we think we shouldn’t, and other times we’re right on track.  But we always get back up and keep climbing.

I’m proud to say that this binge experience was different from previous ones.  Yes, I fell down some “stairs” and ate an entire bag of these chips.  OK, let me be honest.  It was a bag and a half, also some kale chips, and almost a full container of raspberries. But afterwards, I called Matt into the kitchen, showed him the empty wrappers, and proceeded to smile (my mouth still full of food). “Um, I did something,” I garbled to him. He knew right away, smiled back and gave me a hug.  Afterwards we talked about what had triggered the binge (If you don’t have someone to confide in, a journal can be a wonderful friend). In this instance, I think it was anxiety with starting up a school semester, the pressure I put on myself to excel, and the exhaustion I know will come from working a full time job and going to school at night (aka worrying).

But I feel good now even though I am totally addicted to refined carbohydrates again.  I learned that just a few days of eating irregularly (filled with breads, chips, etc) can really throw me for a loop. I now know, absolutely and positively, how sensitive I am to quickie carbs and this is the motivation I need to get back on track in order to feel my best.  If I learned that lesson from this binge, well, it was worth it. Am I happy that I downed an extra 800 calories tonight? Not particularly. But the fact that I came out of a binge with a smile on my face, still loving myself, is worth its weight in gold. Or, chocolate? No, gold.

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Transformative Nutrition

One of my most favorite people is offering a course on Transformative Nutrition in NYC this fall. Not only have I taken this course once…it was so life changing that I took it TWICE. Yiska, who leads the course, is an alternative healer, acupuncturist, and massage therapist. After a 70 pound!!! weight loss, she has dedicated herself to helping people understand and IMPROVE their relationship with food and eating.

Words cannot even begin to express how much the 9 week Transformative Nutrition class did for me.  In a supportive environment with other individuals, I explored thought patterns around food and eating, which ultimately helped me to reshape and develop better, healthier practices.  For example, one class we discussed “legalizing” food, and how we arrived to label food “good” and “bad” and what that was doing for us. I examined the guilt I felt after I consumed a chocolate chip cookie that I had deemed was “bad” for me. (but no longer!)

Did I lose weight? Yes. But that isn’t the goal…it’s a side effect of taking the class. What you will gain is personal development, techniques for self-care, and of course, tips for eating.  You and the class follow a brilliant workbook that is full of thought-provoking activities to help you reach your goals.  Through working with Yiska and familiarizing myself with my relationship with food, I ultimately decided that I wanted to do that exact thing with other people. Hence, here I am.

Below is the flyer for Yiska’s class, in the beautiful and Feng Shui appropriate Continuum Health Center (with THE most comfortable chairs ever!)  If you would like more infomation, check out their wonderful new website.

Fall 2009

Transformative Nutrition
9 Week Course

with Yiska Obadia


Course Details 

DATES:October 13th-December 8th
9 Tuesdays

TIME: 7-9:00pm
COST: $495, includes a copy of the NEW workbook ($100 deposit due at registration)
Early registration by September 30th includes a private 1 hour coaching session during the course with Yiska, a $125 value.
LOCATION: The Continuum Center for Health and Healing
245 Fifth Avenue 
to register or learn more:
Contact Yiska at 914-450-6692 or email 


If you or someone you know is ready to experience a new level of healing, transformation, and possibility in the realm of diet and nutrition, this is the course to make it happen.


Isn’t it time to make peace with food and your body?


This 9 week course is an interactive, supportive, holistic, empowering, and inspiring opportunity to learn the principles and practices that make a healthy relationship with food and sustainable weight-loss possible. This experiential course engages the body, mind, and spirit in a process of self-discovery, and healing through movement, meditation, visualizations, writing exercises, eating and speaking in a supportive group environment.


In 9 sessions participants will…



  • explore and challenge current relationships to food, body, and self
  • clear blocks to weight-loss and healthy eating
  • learn to eat more mindfully
  • better understand cravings
  • increase awareness and confidence in making food choices
  • work towards achieving a desired weight in a context of self-love
  • & practice being nourished by food and life alike!




Participants have written…
“It is not often enough in life that we are able to meet a person as caring, loving and honest as Yiska. Taking her 9 week course has changed my life in so many ways. It gave me so many tools that I will use every day for the rest of my life. I am not at battle with my eating. I feel my life has more control. I have taken off 12 pounds, but I never once felt I was on a diet. I have grown to truly love ME as a person. When you love yourself you really do not want to feed it poorly.”
 “One thing I took away was the idea of really slowing down and tasting food. Recently, I was on a train and I actually stopped talking on the phone, turned off my computer, shut off the I-pod, sat down and looked out the window and slowly ate my food….it was like eating a whole new plate of food. I ate a lot less and threw the rest of the food away…it was better than treating my body as a garbage can.” 
“Most helpful has been sharing with my new friends, having them understand what I have been going through my whole life.” 
“I got a new way of looking at myself and food. I learned to question my stories and to challenge myself to create my reality.”
  1. Start Immediately
  2. Do it Flamboyantly
  3. No Exceptions

  -William James


To Change One’s Life:

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