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I’m grateful for my BODY

Y’all know I love me some gratitude! This was inspired by the Self-Discovery, Word by Word Blogger series (more info on that and how you can participate below)

After so many years battling the shape of my body, today I proudly share what I am grateful for, from toes to head.

I am grateful for my feet. One bunion surgery, 100’s of late night dancing in sky-high stilettos, mountains climbed and miles walked later, my feet have carried me through it all. And hot-dang do I love me a good pedicure.

I am grateful for my calves. OK, so I have to buy knee-high boots for women with larger-sized calves. Whatever. But they’re athletic and strong.

I am grateful for my knees. For as much activity as I’ve seen in my 30 years, I’ve never had a problem with these joints. Keep hanging in there, girls!

I am grateful for my thighs. I can leg press over 200 pounds. I’ve climbed glaciers. I’ve run miles. And although they often been my greatest enemy at times, I am grateful because they’re mine.

I am grateful for my butt. Ah, gluteus maximus (and minimus!), you power me through spin classes. And you turn heads.

I am grateful for my waist. So tiny and toned, I never have to do a sit-up as long as I live.  (Thanks for the genetics, Mom!)

I am grateful for my breasts. Yup, they’re small, but they’re all natural, baby.

I am grateful for my arms. Bless you, genetics. I am the proud owner of beautiful, toned, shapely arms that look great in tank tops. My arms are also able to carry pounds and pounds of groceries and shopping bags with no problem, making the envy of all other New Yorkers.

I am grateful for my back. So strong after years of weight lifting.

I am grateful for my shoulders. For putting up with purses that are way too heavy. For responding to physical therapy.

I am grateful for my collarbone and neck. My most favorite part of my body. Graceful, strong and very Audrey Heburn.

I am grateful for my hair. And this is only because I have the Keratin Brazilian treatment. 😉

I am grateful that I love my body at a weight I previously thought was unlovable.

I am grateful for all that my body has allowed me to do, and will do in the future.

What parts of your body are you grateful for?

This post is part of the Self-Discovery, Word by Word series created by Ashley of Nourishing Wisdom and other bloggers. The goal of this series is to challenge ourselves to reflect on ideas that we may not often consider in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. The words that are chosen are meant to provoke thought and ultimately growth. As part of the blogging community (whether you are a blog reader or a have your own), we all have a unique opportunity to share our insights, our struggles, and our triumphs to help each other develop in new ways. The words selected will be broad and hopefully of interest to all types of bloggers and readers. Click here for more information on how you can participate!

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When Life Gives You Lemons

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go. Things go wrong so that you can appreciate when they go right. You believe less so that you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself. Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

        –Marilyn Monroe, icon, fabulous, sexy.(taken from the Daily Love email)

Marilyn is my homegirl ‘cause she got it right—everything happens for a reason.  People change. Relationships end with the wrong partner so you can bump into your true love. You get fired but you never liked that job anyway, so it forces you to explore your passions. Someone called you fat when you were younger, but it led you to want to help other people with their weight and body image (OK, that’s me).

I’ve been writing a daily gratitude list to a group of women for five years. Every day. I don’t think I’ve ever stuck to anything that long, but expressing gratitude is so fulfilling in just so many ways.  The recipients of my daily list are the “divas,” as we affectionately call each other, brought together by the wonderful, incredible Jennifer Macaluso Gilmore and her inspirational classes for women called Something Different for Women.

Jennifer brought up a VERY good point in our last meeting: that when expressing gratitude, if you’ve done it for awhile (like I have), you can easily fall into a rut. It’s easy to be thankful for things like a sunny day, your family, your dog, and a new dress. And that’s fine and dandy.

However, it’s a completely different practice to be grateful for the BAD things that have happened to you. Most of the time we take those events and shove them into the recesses of our mind, hoping to never think about them again.  But, to dust of those experiences, to truly examine them from all angles and to be grateful for the lessons they taught you is WAY more powerful.

So, that’s what I’m doing with my diva partner, Ilana of Downtown Dharma (awesome blog, awesome woman, read it!). Each day, for 30 days (we’re on day 4), we share something painful that happened to us, how it made us feel, and what we learned from it (we call this EXTREME gratitude).

For example, I shared with her that in 6th grade, a very mean girl ripped out fat camp advertisements and taped them to my locker (btw, I had never told anyone that before yesterday when I wrote to Ilana). Of course, it made me feel AWFUL because I didn’t think of myself as fat! I believe that was when I started very many years of hating and abusing my body in many ways…and obviously I still think about it to this day.  

But more important than the shame and grief is the GRATITUDE I feel for that event happening to me. I remembered that I had VERY good friends support me. I learned that I never wanted to be someone who was mean to another girl. And on an indirect path, it led me right here: making peace and establishing a loving relationship with my body, and inspiring others to do the same thing.

So remember: When life gives you lemons, be GRATEFUL!

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