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Teeccino–the new coffee?

I eliminated regular coffee from my diet about four, five years ago. I love the taste of coffee, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t like being addicted to the caffeine in the morning (However, I do credit coffee helping me get through college!) Since then, I’d  go through phases where I’d drink decaf coffee. I still love me a decaf soy latte every now and then (though not from Starbucks, yuck!) That was all fine and dandy until I went away to the spa four years ago and discovered Teeccino.

What is Teeccino? It’s an herbal coffee that I absolutely adore. If you’re a coffee afficionado (liek I am a foodie), then you probably won’t like it. Does it taste like coffee? Yes…and no. It has it’s own unique taste, but I find it just as warm, comforting, and satisfying as coffee without the caffeine. And by the way, this is brewed in a coffee maker just like the real stuff.

According to the website, Teeccino is made from a blend of grains, fruits, herbs and nuts. If you have problems with coffee being too acidic, then this could be a great option for you. I highly recommend visiting the site and learning about this strange brew.

And as an added bonus, it comes in tons of different flavors! I’ve tried them all and my faves are Vanilla Nut, Original, and Mocha. Feel free to order a small sample pack and try all of the flavors.  Check out this review of Teeccino and a good description of the flavors.  I enjoy my Tee with some warmed soy or almond milk. Delish as an after dinner treat.  Matt had a phase where he was adding kahlua to his!

I just saw that they now make Teeccino in tea bags, so I’m gonna order that right now!

Happy herbal coffee-ing!

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Coffee + Milk= ?

In a previous post (like, last year) I told you that putting milk in your tea will block some of the antioxidants that are naturally found in tea (my personal fave is green tea.) To recap that post: Milk and tea= bad. Tea + lemon= good.

But what about coffee and milk? Good question!

In the Journal of Nutrition in February 2010, scientists give the green light to adding some milk to your coffee. The antioxidants in coffee (yes, there are some!) have been linked to some health benefits, such as lowering the risks of diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, and colon cancer. For a great read on the benefits of coffee, check out this article.

Anyway, go right ahead and pour in your milk. Keep in mind, however, that adding milk adds calories, and if you have a few cups a day, it can add up.

Let’s talk about the effects of sugar and non-dairy creamer in your coffee, shall we? Yes, let’s do!

According to the study by Nestle, researchers found that adding sugar and non-dairy creamer DID reduce the absorption of coffee antioxidants.

These scientists tested the blood levels of antioxidants after 9 subjects drank black instant coffee, instant coffee plus whole milk, and instant coffee plus nondairy creamer and sugar.

As you might guess, adding milk made no difference, but the creamer plus sugar combination reduced maximum concentrations of the antioxidants tested.

Obviously, a study of 9 people is very small, and I am curious about using non-dairy creamer alone vs. sugar alone, and see what the antioxidant levels are with those consumed on their own (in coffee)

Either way, non-dairy creamer and sugar, and milk, ALL add calories. A little bit in your coffee won’t hurt you, but if you drink a half a pot of coffee a day, it definitely adds up (and that much coffee isn’t good for anyone!)

Drink safe and smart!

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Get ready for Trenta?

It appears that world-dominating Starbucks is testing out a new size of coffee drink–the Trenta. The Venti, their largest size, is 24 ounces. The Trenta, in comparison, will be a whopping 31 ounces of coffee drink (only available for iced coffee and teas). They are testing this size in warmer climate cities, such as Phoenix, AZ and Tampa, FL.

While I understand that these super-size-me large sizes are for an ICED drink, where ice takes up a lot of space in a cup, still, 31 ounces? Seriously? This is a LARGE size. LARGE. 31 ounces? A     7-11 Big Gulp is 32 ounces…so this is just 1 tiny ounce shy of total ridiculousness.

People, we’re getting larger. Fatter. And consuming more and more and more of everything. Is a 31 ounce coffee drink REALLY necessary? And think about how many pee breaks a 31 ounce coffee is going to demand!

And btw, I’m not really a coffee drinker (only decaf, if anything) , but I had a tall soy latte the other day from Starbucks. A few days later I had the same thing from a local coffee house, Gorilla Coffee, and I was AMAZED at how 1)good it tasted, and 2) how absolutely crap-tastic Starbucks coffee is!

For the story on the Trenta test-drive, click here.

PS. In all fairness to Starbucks, they have some healthy and tasty food options that I noticed. Matt tried the Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Wrap and you know, it was pretty good. At 330 calories, it makes for a filling breakfast. I wouldn’t get into the habit of eating one each day, as the sodium and cholesterol are on the higher side, but it’s fine when you need to grab something on the go. You could also try the protein plate with cheddar cheese, small whole wheat bagel, peanut butter, hardboiled egg, and grapes.

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