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I was doing some looking around my blog stats last night and came across an interesting area: searches people made that led them to my blog.  Meaning: what phrases or words did they use that led them here. Well, now, that’s very interesting!

There were some “recipes” searches, a “zumba cake”‘ search, which I have no idea what that means, and some other nutrition searches. But do you know what the most searches were for? Guilt around eating. One search was: “I feel guilty for overeating.” Another was “I eat standing up the kitchen and I feel badly” and “Is overeating more than two days in a row bad?”

Whoever typed these words in the search box, this is for you: I hear you loud and clear. Trust me.

And now let me add: You should never, EVER feel guilty when it comes to food. In fact, the taste of guilt is so awful that it ruins every food or meal you eat, even if it’s a Jaques Torres chocolate chip cookie (and that is as near perfection as you can get).

What these searches tell me is that women (and men, too) are asking for help, for someone to tell them that it’s OK to feel how they are feeling, to not feel so alone behind their computer screen. People, it’s OK. I’ve feared food for over 15 years of my life…so much so that one time when I was alone in my apartment, I ate a cookie and then started hysterically crying because I felt so ashamed, and called my husband to tell him I was a bad person for eating a cookie. He thought I was nuts. Perhaps I was, but at the time it felt so real.

I’m not sure where this is going, honestly. But for all the wonderful people out there searching for an answer to their war with food, eating, and body image, my message to you is to keep working. The solution to your problems lies not within a potato chip but within yourself.

Once you learn to ask yourself, “Why am I turning to food,” and “Why is food such a big part of my life? What else in my life brings me joy?” and “What emotions am I feeling now that I hope this cookie will solve” only THEN will you begin the true road to peace with food.

My journey is just that…a journey. I’m still walking my path, working every day on healing my relationship with food…I came from a pretty desperate place for many years, too. And I still have my moments, my days, my weeks even, when everything I know flies out the window and I eat foods that don’t agree with me, or shove organic dark chocolate down my throat at such an alarming rate I even scare myself. It happens, and it might always happen for me.  However, have found so many places and people to turn to for support which has been priceless for me.

So, to the person who wanted to know, “Is it bad that I overate 2 days in a row,” the answer is unequivocally “NO.” It’s not bad at all…and throw out that word!

My purpose of this blog, after all, is to share my story, my nutrition tips, and yes, smiles and laughs, so that others can learn and therefore begin to heal themselves. You are not alone. I’m right here with you.

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This week’s nibbles

TGIF everyone!

Once again, here are some of my favorite articles and posts I’ve read this week. 

This weekend I am graduating from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. What a wonderful, life-changing experience its been. I’m sad for it to end and to not see my amazing group of IIN girls every month anymore. But it’s time to take all that I’ve learned and get to making people healthier and happier!

And just an update from Monday: I haven’t had one single cracker this week! AND–I have officially been sugar-free (regular sugar and artificial sweeteners) for over 3 weeks now. I have NOT had even one instance of binging or nighttime foraging (picture a squirrel going through the pantry-that was me). Binging was a weekly (or often multiple times a week) event for me, and it’s amazing that it seemed to be directly correlated to my sugar intake. I feel alert, clear headed, and stable, although Matt might think otherwise. It’s seriously a miracle. Hooray for me!

Without further ado, the news:

Here are questions you should ask your farmer when at the farmer’s market. Don’t be afraid to chat them up–everyone loves talking about themselves!

The 10 best foods to boost your mood–we need all the help we can get!

Ditch that plastic water bottle ASAP! Try a resuable one like the ones from Sigg

Listing calorie counts on menus: Good. The fact that they are wrong: Bad.

Now this is a superhero comic book that I can get into!

Who doesn’t want to be a Hot Chick? (or Hot Dude?) Here’s how to eat like one

And lastly: The latest viral sensation making waves on Facebook. I thought Matt and I had a great choreographed dance. This one is better. Way better.

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