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Trapped In the Closet

This is totally NOT my closet. But I wish it was.

This weekend, I spent (total) about 6 hours working through my closet. I usually do one big, and much awaited, spring-winter clothing swap, but that came early this year.

If you took a peek in my closet this past Friday before the big sweep, you’d find a hodge-podge of stuff. And, of course, the don’t-fit-anymore but I sure-as-hell-wish-they-did pieces.

My pile of “NOs” got bigger as the day went on, starting with the jeans that were god awfully tight. One pair in particular were my favorite slim “going out” jeans that I bought about five years ago. At the time they were tight, but hot damn, they looked good. The only time I really fit into them was right before my wedding, when I was a toothpick (not in a good way). Since then, the jeans have sat in my closet, taunting me because I would have to majorly diet my way back into them.

So what was the first item of clothing that made the give-away pile? You guessed it! Those to0-tight, muffin-top creating jeans.  I must admit, part of me was sad to give them away. After all, they represented a VERY fun time in my life. They weren’t just denim–they were memories, experiences, and emotions, too.

I found that to be true with the other clothing I gave away. Lots of short, very revealing tops I wore when I used to go clubbing (Man, if those clothes could talk!). Items that didn’t fit my personal style also went into the pile. If I didn’t feel good in it, if it wasn’t perfect, out it went!

I reviewed practically everything, even coats (I am a coat whore) and fancy dresses. It was a tough process, and very emotional at times. It pained me that some of the items still had their tags.  But in the end, I’m left with only things that fit and make me feel fabulous. 

And let me just say I did NOT do this alone. The incredible Bridgette Raes, author of Style Rx: Dressing the Body You Have to Create the Body You Want, supported me through this process. Bridgette is amazing–she’s the incredibly honest friend that never tells you something looks good when it really doesn’t.  Not only is she a style expert, but she is very sensitive to the fact that clothing is extremely emotional. So, she just smiled when I whizzed past some hippy-esque clothing that I wear at concerts (OK, and the tie-die).  I told her those were off limits!

So, your chellenge: Take some time to go through your closet (Make it fun! I listened to Black Eyed Peas and wore my sky-high heels) and get rid of EVERYTHING that either a)doesn’t fit you NOW, or b) just isn’t your style anymore. Trust me–the minute you get rid of it, you’ll find even better pieces to fill the gaps.  Good luck!

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