Should Gabby Sibide be on the Cover of Vogue

March 25, 2010 at 7:32 pm Leave a comment

Vogue worthy?

According to recent news,  Vogue has been challenged to feature the obese Gabby Sibide, star of Precious and Academy Award nominee, on its cover.

The writer of this “pop-ed” piece thinks that the answer should be a definite NO (I actually know the author and like her very much, so this is not a personal attack!)

I disagree…and I think the answer should be a “Why the FUCK not?”  Excuse my language.

The author has a point that yes, Sibide is larger than plus model size, however, aren’t 99% of the models that grace Vogue normally way underweight? SO, just as Sibide might not be representative of American girls in their 20s (average weight 140), neither are the models that are 5’11” and weight 110 pounds.

Vogue can decide or not to decide to use Sibide, either way, I’m not gonna fight (I don’t read the magazine anyway). However, this again magnifies issues that groups like Health at Every Size and the Association for Size Diversity and Health are fighting for on a daily basis: to create a world free from “weight-based assumptions and weight-discriminations.”

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t care about Gabby Sibide’s weight. We wouldn’t care about news like this. Unfortunately we’re far from that, until people realize that fat-ism is just as serious as racism.

Until then, Gabby has my vote to be in Oprah’s a much better magazine anyway, in my opinion. She can leave Vogue to the uber-skinny.

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