Awesome Blog Alert: Fed Up With Lunch

March 23, 2010 at 3:13 pm Leave a comment

Check out this awesome blog written by “Mrs. Q,” a midwest elementary school teacher.

She has committed to eating her school’s lunch offerings every…single…day. 

Each day, she takes a picture of her food, describes how it tastes, and often the student’s reaction to the meal. It’s simply horrifying to see what is being served to our children.  No wonder students have difficulty concentrating in class, are hyper, are overweight and get sick often.

Contrast the American child’s lunch with that of Japanese students, courtesy of a guest blogging American teacher in Japan. The differences are astonishing…and very, very sad.

Mrs. Q, who blogs under the pseudony so she doesn’t get her ass booted from her school, is quite an internet sensation now. What started as a 30 day school-lunch trial has now morphed into a full year of eating school lunch. I’ve sat alongside Mrs Q as she sits down to lunch since day 5, and I’ve really enjoyed watching her blog turn into more of a movement–bringing awareness to the awfulness that is American School Lunch.

For more information read the FAQs on the blog, and follow Mrs. Q on twitter @fedupwithlunch.

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