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I’m MEEEELLLLLTING (fat cells, that is)

What do you think of when you hear the term “losing weight?”  What about “melting off the pounds?”

To me, those phrases conjur images of fat miraculously falling off someone’s body to poof!, never be seen again.

Here’s a newsflash: We don’t lose weight in the way you might think we do.

In terms of fat cells, we create most of them in childhood. As we grow, depending on genetics and our lifestyle, they expand in both size and then in number.  And if we gain weight, when the maximum fat cell size is reached, more cells can develop to store more fat.

Back to weight reduction: Fat loss results in fat cells SHRINKING IN SIZE, but NOT in number. So, when you lose weight, yes, you’re losing fat from the cells, making them smaller, but those cells STILL exist. They don’t “melt” off your body, as magazine articles claim. If you’ve ever watched the Biggest Loser and seen someone lose massive amounts of weight, you’ll notice they still have lots of extra skin. Again, it doesn’t MELT off…it needs to be surgically removed.

However, as we gain weight, we CAN make more fat cells. That’s why when we lose weight, we have the tendency to regain the lost weight quickly. Because the increased number fat cells are still there…waiting to be filled back up!

Unfortunately, there is not magic pill, no exercise, no way to decrease the number of fat cells you have. Again,it’s only the SIZE of the cell you can make smaller.

So, you are who you are. It’s what you do to– and with– those gorgeous cells of yours that makes all the difference.

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