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I get high–I mean, get by–with a little help

I’m trying something new in my life.

Asking for help.

It sounds simple, right? Sure, it can be. But I’m not referring to the “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” type of help. That’s easy. I’m talking about going out of my way to ask people to help me with certain things rather than take on the entire load myself  type of help.

You see, I’m overwhelmed, overworked, and starting to get crispy. In fact, I’ve just started a fantastic book called Crazy Busy: Overstretched, Overworked, and About to Snap! to help me. The theme of taking on too much, of always go, go, gadgeting has appeared over and over, multiple times a day, in my life the last few weeks.

Hence, I’m trying to make some changes, the first of which is asking for help. And you know what, as uncomfortable and unfamiliar it is for me, asking for assistance really works!

Take last night, for example. I went to my local food co-op after work and stockpiled on groceries. At the end, I had my heavy purse, a tote stuffed with food, and a buky, heavy box to carry the rest. Usually I’d make the trek home (about 6 blocks) alone, pausing every 30 seconds to adjust, while the circulation of my right arm gets cut off. I’m a crazy woman muttering strings of explatives on the walk home. Plus there’s the 3 flights of stairs to  walk up once I get to my apartment building, and then I get home and drop everything on the floor in one heck of a foul mood.

But it got me to thinking: What good is all this delicious, nutritious, low-cost food doing for me if I’m too stressed out to eat it?

SO last night, as I left the co-op, I did the unfathomable. I picked up the cellie and called Matt.

“Lovey,” I said, “do you think you could put your shoes on and start walking towards the co-op and I’ll meet you in the middle. These bags are just too much for me to carry.”

Matt’s reply: “Sure, no problem! I’ll leash up Gola too and we’ll both come meet you.” (Isn’t he the best? My hero!)

And indeed, Matt and Gola met me, my heart leaping out of my chest when I saw them (not out of love, but because I swear I was gonna have a heart attack from carrying the heavy bags. OK, a little out of love) They met me half way, we had a lovely walk home,  met another dog and his owner, and I came home…gasp…smiling!

See how easy it can be? One small plea for help created a HUGE wave of change in my night.  So I’m resolving to try this more often. To ask for help (no matter how small the task may be) to make life a little easier for me. Plus, don’t forget that people LOVE to help others!

Where can you ask for help in your life?

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