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Projecting Food Issues

FYI, that is NOT Gola

Matt (my husband) told me that I MUST write about this. I’ve been projecting my food issues. It happens. But I’ve been projecting them onto…my DOG!

Yes, I know, I’m certifiable!

Here’s what happened this weekend: We changed our puppy’s (Gola) food because she wasn’t really enjoying what we were feeding her before. So we tried giving her a mixture of wet and dry food, and hot damn! That girl ate like it was going out of style.

I was SO pleased that she was eating and that she had a hearty, healthy appetite. For over a month, I watched her barely touch her food. And now that she loves it, I just love watching her eat.

We also feed her out of food “toys” and not a bowl. If you own a dog, you’ll know what a Kong is. For those of you who don’t, it’s a bee-hive shaped rubber toy with a hollow center. We put all her food inside of it so it takes her longer to eat and gives her some mental stimulation at the same time.

So, anyway, we stuffed this wet mixture inside the kongs and she greedily at it. When she stopped eating, I figured all the food was gone. But at the top, where she couldn’t quite get to, there was a lot more food left. So, rather than let her be creative and get it out for herself, I helped her by moving the food to the front.

Matt scolded mye (nicely) by saying that I shouldn’t help Gola. She’s a dog, and dogs forrage for food, and I should let her be a dog.  Well, feeding time came around again, and again, and I just couldn’t RESIST helping her get all of her food.

It finally got to the point where Matt wasn’t laughing anymore and asked, “What is your DEAL with this? Why can’t you just let her do it herself. She can do it, I know she can.”

And then it hit me. I’m projecting my food issues onto my dog. I was just so friggin HAPPY that she was enjoying her food again that I wanted her to continue to be happy. I wanted eating to be EASY for her, since for the past 5 weeks it wasn’t.

For many years, the act of eatings (and emotions, feelings, and rules) was so difficult for me. It still is…I’m not yet a “normal” eater. I guess when I saw Gola so happy with her food, I just wanted to give her more of that. So that she can enjoy and not suffer like I have.

I told you, I was certifiable. And yes, I am aware that she is a dog and that NONE of this has crossed her mind. But Matt made me promise to tell you, so there you are.

Oh, and I’m not allowed to touch Kongs once they’ve been given to the dog!

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