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I look HOT

C&C Phriends,

Check out my bee-u-tee-ful new look! Many thanks to my Corporate Renegade hubby for finally forcing me to sit down and update the blog.

Don’t you just LOVE the logo? I feel all grown up!

Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday…

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For Dietetic Students: All Access Internships

Are you a nutrition and dietetic student? Interested in becoming a nutrition student? Are you looking for more information on how to land an elusive, yet coveted, dietetic internship spot?

If yes, then check out All Access Internships. The purpose of the site is to:

… address the needs of the dietetic student community by offering a comprehensive online collection of dietetic internship resources, providing organizational tools for a personalized search and application process, and creating a platform where dietetic students and interns can share their experiences with others!

What I love about AII is that it was started BY students, FOR students, so the information you’re getting is extremely focused helpful.

Most importantly, yours truly is the Featured Weekly Student Blogger…now doesn’t that sound fancy! You can access the blog here and a posts of mine here and here.

If you’re NOT a nutrition student, I still recommend checking out the blog. There’s a bunch of us writing about the hot topics in nutrition, posting recipes, and writing about being a student. You’ll also learn that just because we’re dietetic students doesn’t mean we eat carrots and salad greens all day. Heck no!

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Forget Counting Sheep!

Gola having doggie dreams of chasing rabbits

Sleep has been on my mind lately. A lot. Our 3 month old puppy (see above) was having some very early morning anxiety in our bedroom (think 4am!) over the span of  the past 2 weeks. This left my husband and me VERY tired an very grumpy. Fortunately, thanks to my incredible dog trainer, Jenny at Give Paw Dog Training (seriously, if you live in NY and need a dog trainer, Jenny is the best around!) we were able to set Gola up in the living room and got 7 uninterrupted hours of sleep last night. So. Good.

My lack of ZZZZZ’s coupled with my mom’s recent newsletter got me to thinking about how important it is to set yourself up for success when it comes to sleep. Here is a list of some things I do, coupled with tips from my mom (Acupuncturist, holistic health coach and mindset expert):

1. Don’t eat too close to bedtime. This has nothing to do with eating calories at night, but more to do with the fact that when I eat too close to going to sleep, I wake up feeling sluggish with a heavy feeling in my stomach. Plus, I hate the thought that my food is being digested slower when I sleep. Breakfast (Break-fast) is so much more enjoyable when I’m hungry.

2. Try some lavendar oil on your pillow. A received this piece of advice last year and I haven’t missed a day yet of rubbing a drop of pure lavendar oil on the corner of my pillow.  I usually moisterize with a lavendar lotion before bed, too, to get a double dose.  Matt thinks I smell like celery. I beg to differ, however.

3. Dark, Dark, Dark. There is nothing more annoying than having the bright LED display of your alarm clock smack in your face. We sleep better in pitch black. I turn my alarm away so the numbers face away from me.

4. Try a supplement: Ashawagandha is one of my favorite herbs for stress. What’s incredible is that when taken in the morning, it gently wakes you up and eases stress, and when taken at night, it helps you wind down. I sleep so much better when I’ve taken ashawagandha. Some others to try, per my mom: Magnesium, which is a known muscle relaxer. Melatonin helps regulate sleep/awake cycles. And valerian, passionflower, and chamomile tea are time-tested traditional aids for rest.

5. Create a pre-sleep ritual. Whatever you can do to get relaxed, do it. Banning the “buzz” as I like to call it–TV, computers, cell phones–one hour before bed will let your body relax naturally. The glare from computer screens can actually trick your mind and eyes into thinking it’s day time. So shut it off! My pre-bed ritual consists of taking a bath, giving my puppy some love, and then getting into bed to read for about 20-30 minutes. I really look forward each evening for such precious “ME” time, and Matt knows not to disturb me! This would also be a great time for some journaling (or meditation), to reflect on the day, and to jot down concerns for the day to come so you are clear-headed when drifting off to sleep.

Those work for me…what works for you??

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Curvy Girls RULE!

I caught up on some magazine reading last night and I was SO thrilled to pick up last week’s New York Magazine with Christina Hendricks of the TV show Mad Men on the front.

Um, is she frigging HOT or what? Just so sexy, sensual, and…thank the good Lord, REAL. My heart was melting all over the page, and I was praising the magazine (am I gospel or what?) for featuring a woman larger than a toothpick on its cover. With all the buzz around the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover featuring a gorgeous, thin, “perfect” body, it was wonderful to see Ms. Hendricks instead… in a bustier, no less.

I’m a curvy gal who is fed up at looking at uber skinny models. I’ve even cancelled my subscriptions to Shape, Fitness, and most other magazines because I feel like absolute crap after reading them. Who wants to read an article about “Losing those last 5 pounds” with an accompanying picture of a model who doesn’t have even one ounce to lose! Very frustrating, indeed.

 Seeing a gorgeous woman, clad in lingerie, a sultry smile, looking like Botticelli’s Venus, exuding CONFIDENCE…that’s what I want to see. And you know what? I think many people do, too.  There is so much praise when a woman with curves is photographed, but yet, the media reverts right back to skinny. It’s just what the public is comfortable with right now. I’m awaiting the day when pictures of size 6, 8, 10, 12 and larger women grace the pages with typical size 0 or 2 models.

So for women of all shapes and sizes: Celebrate your beautiful body! Can I get an Amen?

February 22, 2010 at 5:00 pm 2 comments

Procrastination Station

So, I’m sitting here (finally, the puppy is sleeping!) trying to get some studying done for a Chemistry exam on Thursday. Chemistry is my least favorite subject so far (my teacher is the head wackadoo of all teachers), and I could picture one billion things I’d rather be doing than studying right now.

Last semester I noticed that in order to put off doing my work, I’d grab some food. If I was snacking  I wouldn’t have to do my work, right? Right. Unfortunately, all that this habit left me was an extra 5 pounds and less sleep. I’ve been working hard at dismantling my triggers with food, but nothing brings out the habits like studying!

So, what just happened 5 minutes ago? I cracked open my Chem book, opened the computer, and then as if on auto-pilot, I went to the frige, got out a muffin, and brought it back into the office with me. Mid-bite, I stopped! I had a conversation in my head that went something like this:

“Amanda, are you hungry?”


“Come on, tell me the truth. Are you hungry.”

“Not really.”

“So, why are you eating this muffin.”

“Because I don’t want to do work.”

“A-ha. That makes sense. You don’t want to do work so you’re eating instead. Is it helping?

“Well, not really, since I’m aware that I’m using food to procrastinate, and I know the work will be there when I finish.”

“Exactly. Why don’t you put the muffin down, and if you still want it AFTER some studying, by all means have it! But, this time you’ll put it on a plate and eat it at the kitchen table.”

“Sounds like a deal!”

There you go…a little glimpse into my psyche.  This happens ALL the time with me. I continually ask myself, “Am I hungry,” “Do you need to eat this,” and the most important, “WHAT DO YOU NEED RIGHT NOW?”

In this case, right now I need to get studying. But I know I’m exhausted from being up early with the dog 2 days in a row. I need rest, sleep, and yoga, which I will give myself later today.

I’m chuckling thinking about how this posting is just another form of procastination, but hey, at least it’s not a muffin!

Enjoy your weekend!

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Very Important Nutrition Question

Which one of these items does NOT belong in a fridge?

If you guessed "Puppy," you win! Here's Gola in my fridge...

February 18, 2010 at 5:07 pm 2 comments

Fashion Forward

What does the way you dress say about you? What message are you sending out to the world with the way you present yourself?

That’s a question that I discussed in my Total Immersion Intuitive Eating coaching class with the fabulous JoLaine Jones. When I was asked that question, “How do you think the world sees you?” I found it difficult to answer. I hadn’t really given it much thought!

I thought about how my style has changed over the past 10 years…from relaxed, hippie-vibed clothing in the beginning of college (OK, I still break it out for Phish shows), to the tight-formfitting leopard pants I pranced around in when I lost 25 pounds (man, I miss those), to being a label-whore in NYC right after college, to mastering business casual attire for work, and always my trusty “uniform” on the weekends of Lululemon pants and yoga gear.  I have had so many fashion changes I feel like Lady Gaga! (Luckily I never gave in to the Jersey Shore look…I don’t think I’d look so good with a Snooki pouf!)

The past year or so, I’ve really come into my own. I wear clothing that makes me feel GOOD, whether it be sweatpants, stretch pants, or jeans. I dress for comfort first, style next. What do I say to the world? I feel GOOD about myself, my body, and I’m confident.

So really think about it: How does what you wear (your makeup, accessories, clothing, etc) tell the world about you? And if it’s not the message you are satisfied with, how can you make changes? Perhaps blow dry your hair once a week, or try a little colored lip gloss next time you go out. Or my personal fave: Rock some high heels just to the store. Nothing makes you feel better!

The most important lesson I’ve learned as a fashion chameleon is to wear what you feel GOOD in, what speaks to you. Who cares what other people think! I’ve seen people walk around with a cat perched on their head (NO JOKE!), and you know what, it’s AWESOME.

For me, I’m a little more low key…it’s casual one day and luxe the next, but I always try to make myself feel gorgeous.

From the inside out, of course!

February 17, 2010 at 3:04 pm 4 comments

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