Calgon, Take Me Away…

November 18, 2009 at 1:22 pm Leave a comment

I’m sure you’re all DYING to know the latest report from the publication Candy and Snack Today. What, you’re not a subscriber? It doesn’t arrive with your Oprah and Shape each month? Come on, people!

Of course I’m not a subscriber to this industry journal, but this story popped up in one of my daily nutrition news searches.  It seems that the next trend for candy and confections in 2010 is….Relaxation Snacks. Yeah, I kinda scratched my head with that. I have no idea what a “Relaxation Snack” is, however, I have been known to use food to place me in a nice stupor (aka food coma).

According to the report (which you can find here, if you’re so inclined),

“One trend he expects is more brands shifting toward relaxation foods from comfort foods. Look for items such as anti-energy bars, snacks and a resurgence of dark chocolate rich in anti-oxidants designed to actually relax or put you to sleep.

Seriously? I need a chocolate bar to put me to sleep? ANTI-energy? Apparently, this desire for “relaxation” through food has been prompted by more meals being cooked  and eaten at home. Um, that doesn’t make much sense to me. Am I missing something?

“The food industry, he suggests, has woken up and learned that products, including confectionery, that use real foods as ingredients, are increasingly popular, particularly among Baby Boomers.”

Seriously? Why are people SO obsessed with quick fixes and getting nutrients through CANDY? I’m sure the public is just salivating at the thought of getting their vitamin C or lunesta from a dark chocolate truffle. Sure, dark chocolate is good for you (filled with tons of antioxidants), in small portions. But eat it because you like it, and NOT because you want to fall asleep!

Seriously, what will we think of next? Personally, when I want a good night’s sleep, a warm cup of herbal tea and a bath seem to do it for me!



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