Apples & Oranges

November 4, 2009 at 8:04 pm 1 comment

apples_and_orangesYou know what I love about living on this planet? (As opposed to living on another one, of course)  I love how we are all unique beings. I hate the color red, lobster, and scary movies. You, on the other hand, might have “Lady in Red” as your theme song  (OK, I admit, that’s a good one), frequent Red Lobster (please God, no) and own the DVD of Scream.

Whatever, you get the point. We are all beautiful, different beings that coexist with each other. Apples and oranges. (Or, in my case, a lovely pear shape!)  What prompted me to pontificate on this subject is that a friend sent me an email asking me to help her with her eating habits.  Before we spoke, I assumed she would be asking me how to lose weight (which she does NOT need to do!), detox, or  about certain supplements to take.

You wanna know what her food “issue” was? Drumroll please….She’s not hungry! Not hungry? Really? My jaw almost dropped to the floor. That couldn’t be further from MY reality. But nevertheless it prompted me to recognize and respect the fact that we all have our own issues, especially with food. I’ve never been able to comprehend that certain people exist who actually TRY to gain weight.  My best friend has a beautifully thin physique and she’s never had to deal with feeling fat or gaining weight. Well, we did spend 6 weeks in Italy together and at the end she did have the tiniest layer of  pudge around her belly. We lovingly named it Fabrizio and talked to it like it was a pet.  I, on the other hand, had to wear only dresses towards the end of our trip because my pants wouldn’t zip. And you can bet all the money in the bank that I did not call my thighs ANYTHING lovingly. 

So, friends, whatever makes you, well…YOU…EMBRACE it. Love yourself. Let your freak-flag fly and be unapologetically you. Apple, Orange, Pear, or Kumquat. Just love, love, love. I wish I could go back to that trip I took with my friend and take back all those nasty words I used against myself. I wished I enjoyed gelato 4x a day instead of feeling guilty for having it once a day. So I say, embrace who you are, fat pants or not.

Oh, and if you’re curious about the advice I gave my friend about not being hungry, I told her that her body is a well running machine and it will tell her when it needs fuel. She’s an extremely healthy eater, so I wasn’t concerned about the quality of the food she was consuming.  She should eat what she’s in the mood for, but make sure its nutritiously dense food (beans, nuts, fruits, veggies, etc).  I also asked her about the other areas of her life: career, relationships, home life, etc to see if that had something to do with her lack of hunger.  But to repeat, the body will eat when it wants to eat. 

And Lord oh Lord, I wish I had THIS issue!


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  • 1. Abbs  |  November 5, 2009 at 2:16 pm

    Hooray for her and for your advice! (Though I truly wouldn’t mind having the “problem” of not being hungry!!!


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