Diary of Detoxers–Day 2

September 23, 2009 at 2:45 pm 1 comment

Matt and I are on to day 3, but wanted to share with you Matt’s notes from yesterday. They’re pretty hilarious.  Yesterday went pretty well but there were a few low points when I was so irritable and grump (I feel badly for my coworkers!).  Whenever I felt a dip, I made a cup of warm herbal tea and that seemed to help.  I went to spin class last night, even though I was tired, and I felt great, although I noticed that I didn’t have as much energy as I usually do.  I fueled up afterwards with a mixed greens juice and butternut squash and carrot soup.

I am pleasantly surprised, however, that I haven’t been obsessed with the though of food, especially at night. I know my dinner is a delicious bowl of soup and then that’s it. It’s filling and I’m not preoccupied with what kind of sweet I want afterwards. It’s a nice mental break.

Here are Matt’s comments about yesterday:

Day 2:

Current weight: 172 pounds. (Keep in mind that i weighed myself in the morning whereas yesterday i weighed myself after breakfast.)

Current mind-frame: So far so good, but then again I just ate. 


I’m feeling good. I woke up and drank a cup of water with lemon in it which is making me feel better, and supposedly helps to flush out the toxins. About twenty minutes later I made my smoothie, same as yesterday, although once again without the agave to sweeten it. I will say that I didn’t realize how much sugar overpowers taste. It’s like it blocks your taste buds from noticing the nuances of anything else out there. 


I can’t tell right now if i’m suffering from sugar withdrawal, or psychologically I think I’m supposed to be suffering from sugar withdrawal. I don’t feel really any different than I normally do, in fact I feel kind of ‘bloated’ but I think that is because I drank more than a serving of my smoothie. 


Off to the coffee shop to do some work, let’s see how I hold up. 


11:45. Drinking ginger herbal iced tea. Hipster next to me has crust left from a tomato caprese sandwich. I literally want to rip his head off and steal his crumbs. 


12:15. Dude. Totally can’t concentrate. Am supposed to be working on my website and looking for leads and all i can do is drool in a pavlovian response to the guy next to me drinking a cappuccino. Let’s see how long I last. 


1:15. I’m still here, although I’ve done what feels like little work. My brain is definitely reacting oddly and I am having an inner dialogue on whether or not I can get through this. It’s no big deal. I’m going to leave here in about 10 minutes and head home and have a salad with leftover chicken. 


1:20. Amanda calls me and tells me the chicken we roasted is nasty. THis means no animal protein on my salad, and that I should put an egg on instead. 


Lunch consists of a salad with spinach, a hard boiled egg , 1/2 an avocado, 1/2 cup of quinoa, olive oil and balsamic. I also eat an egg white with some hummus. 


I’m hanging in. Drinking lots of water. 3pm. I make some tea. Amanda calls me to remind me to eat a snack. I’m not hungry. 


Suddenly…i’m hungry. Very hungry. Like, I could totally say screw this and order some pizza hungry. I fight it, and have a macintosh apple and some almond butter. That quells the hunger. 


I have a headache. I make some detox berry tea. At this point, I’m doing ok, although I still feel just as full or bloated as I normally do. I think this is because I’m downing too much water at one time. I’m peeing like sea-biscuit (like a racehorse_. 


It’s 7pm. Since I’ve just learned to cook and what not, I prepare some salmon that I bought for tmw’s lunch. Hopefully I won’t destroy it like i did a chicken. (I do great, salmon’s much much easier). 


Dinner. Butternut squash. Tastes good. got a bit of a headache which apparently is part of the sugar withdrawal. Is it bad that I’m looking forward to sleep so I can wake up and have a smoothie? 


One more thing we forgot to put in the regimen…garlic every day. I don’t know what it does, but we take a pill at night. Why? Because eating raw garlic is nasty. Of course, a nice side effect is garlic burps. Kind of like the fish burns from omega 3’s, but these are garlic. Maybe I should take together? 


Time for olive oil and then bed. 


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  • 1. Sharla  |  September 24, 2009 at 12:42 am

    Hi! my name is Sharla and I’m on a 21 day detox. I really enjoy your blog, it gives me inspiration to know that there are others out there doing the same thing that I’m doing. I’m blogging also, @ http://myfalldetox.blogspot.com/ feel free to check it out and leave me a comment sometime.

    happy trails,



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