The Sugar Devil Cometh

September 14, 2009 at 1:51 pm Leave a comment

How innocent you look!

How innocent you look!

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend!

I had an incredible time in Washington DC visiting our best friends who have a baby due in January. It was amazing to see my friend pregnant and glowing.  I had the most relaxing weekend I’ve had in awhile which was very much needed since school started last week. We hung out, went to Old Town Alexandria (Matt and I bought some super funky art by John Hung Ha) and ate some great meals.

For the record, I have officially broken my two months living a sugar free life (in the form of sweets).  We went to this fabulous pizza restaurant called 2 Amy’s and I enjoyed cheese, wine, and lots of pizza.  My blood sugar was soaring from the pizza and wine, and I was a bit tipsy also, so when a friend suggested gelato for dessert I went for it.

We went to Dolcezzo in Georgetown for the best gelato I’ve had since my honeymoon in Italy. It was definitely worth it. But I felt SO SICK afterwards…I felt like I was literally drugged (well, sugar is a drug, after all).  My energy plummeted within a half an hour. The last thing I remember was all of us laying on the bed, watching Man vs. Wild, while I was going in and out of consciousness. I faintly recall opening my eyes to see Bear Grylls drinking blood and eating the raw heart of some beast in the Arctic Circle. But that’s all I remember. I woke up with a hangover from hell.

I mustered up some motivation the next morning to work out and get my sweat on. But I felt like crap. I was grumpy, irritable, and just plain shocked that chocolate ice cream could do this to me (But it was also the combination of pizza, wine, and ice cream…all sugars)

Anyway, I ate very carefully on Sunday, lots of protein and vegetables and TONS of water.  I’m feeling better today, but I’ve made a decision that I have to honor my body and make choices that are going to better myself. Eating sugar and refined carbs (like bread, pasta, etc) makes me feel like crap. Plain and simple. And I don’t want, or deserve, to feel like that.

So starting yesterday, I’ve made a pact with myself to get back on track.  To me, that means slowing down, listening to my body, stopping when I’m full, watching my portion sizes, and cutting out the foods that don’t make me feel fabulous. It sounds easier than it is, I promise. I’m not following a set diet plan, but instead listening to my inner compass to tell me what it needs. Wish me luck!

I encourage you to use my experience and examine your own relationship with sugar, refined carbs, and artificial sweeteners. Have you ever tried to cut them out for a few days? A week?  Do you think you might have more energy? Lose those last few pounds? I’d love to hear about your experiences with sugar!


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