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urlIn celebration of completing my summer classes, I booked a day at the Kripalu yoga resort in the Berkshires with my mom.  It’s hard to believe that I had never been there before, since I love yoga and we have a home about 10 minutes away from Kripalu. The entire experience was wonderful, so relaxing, and so necessary after 6 weeks of intense microbiology.

The Kripalu building is very large and quite institutional-like (not yoga woo-woo like you might think) since it was an old Jesuit school. I was quite underwhelmed at first with my environment (excluding the gorgeous setting and nature all around us), but I  quickly got over it as I progressively got more relaxed.  All levels of yoga classes are offered throughout the day, as well as YogaDance, lectures, and hiking/kayaking excursions. I also took a very cool Ayurvedic yoga class, learning some hand “mudras” that correspond with the Ayurvedic elements. 

Kripalu is known for their incredible programs, ranging from a weekend to one week, with world reknowned speakers, healers, and yoga teachers.  For example, Deepak Chopra is speaking this coming Friday-Sunday.  At any given time there are as few as three special programs occurring , so everyone is there for different reasons, but all united by their love of yoga and personal growth—what a wonderful place to be!

The food was phenomenal, but buffet style, which of course can be a downfall to most people, including me. I definitely ate too much. How could I not take a taste of everything? We definitely enjoyed, that’s for sure. I headed right to the gift shop after lunch and bought their cookbook, which has simple, natural recipes. I can’t wait to get started!

We also partook in the Healing Arts, meaning two massages and energy work. The massages were phenomenal, and I think I fell asleep both times.  The energy work was a combination of energy balancing, chakra balancing, and Reiki. I never had that type of therapy before and it was certainly an experience. As I was lying down face up, at one point the therapist put her hands on either side of my head. I literally felt palpable energy moving back and forth between her hands, crossing through my brain, with my eyes quickly moving right and left. Very weird—but very cool!

My mother and I left stretched, relaxed, full, and satisfied.

 And then, of course, silly me had to go ruin it by getting totally burned on my friend’s boat the next day!!!  But it was worth it. Nothing’s better than a good friend, girl talk, and a crisp bottle of white wine floating in the middle of a Berkshire lake.

What did you do this weekend? Are you making sure to schedule some you-time, to relax, enjoy, and try new things this summer? It doesn’t have to be a day at the spa. It could be a day at the park, a yoga class, or a walk around your neighborhood. But do something, anything, that restores you.  Sitting on the sofa watching a movie may be relaxing, but it isn’t necessarily restorative–an experience that makes you feel, well, more you.  I came back from the weekend feeling like a new woman, and it feels GREAT!

What are you doing that’s restorative to you?


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