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August 6, 2009 at 1:58 pm Leave a comment

This week’s links are coming a day early because tommorrow I will be blissfully relaxing at Kripalu to celebrate the end of my summer semester. Nothing sounds better to me than a day filled with yoga, great food, a few massages and energy work. God bless. Enjoy your weekend, and see you on Monday!

To live, or not to live, the low-carb vida. That is the question. (And here’s an answer)

If you’re going to drink soymilk, don’t drink Silk.  Also, try experimenting with other milks made from almonds, hemp, oats, or rice.

Only in America: amount of cooking television shows are on the rise, but actual home cooking is declining. Read Michael Pollan’s series of articles from New York Times Magazine.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–“Yes, it’s totally OK to splurge (every one in awhile!)”

Want an increased sex drive? Check. Try adding some of these foods to spark your libido.

Check out this interactive diagram that shows you how nutrients get processed in your body. Save yourself the agony of learning in the classroom (unfortunately, I’m not that smart!)

We’re learning that much of the food we eat is either covered with pesticides, dangerous, or bad for us. Now you can eat with a clean conscious.

Let’s play a guessing game! You’ll be SHOCKED.


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Happy Birthday to you (x2) Kripalu and Sun

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