Confessions of a Sugarholic

June 30, 2009 at 2:45 pm Leave a comment

sugarHello, my name is Amanda. And I am an addict. 

A sugar addict, that is.

Yes, it’s true—I’m one of the millions of Americans who finds themselves hopelessly in love with the taste of sweet, sweet food. I’m a chocolate sneaker (8 dark Hershey kisses in one sitting while nobody’s looking—no problem!). I’ve gotten extra icing to go alongside my Buttercup Bakery carrot cake. And I can never understand why some people say, “Wow, that cake is too rich, I can only have one bite.” Not me—the sweeter the better. I think my blog name says it all—I’m not all about the carrots. Oh no. I’m also very about the cake. A little too much about the cake.

 I’ve been posting for about three weeks, and based on my nutritious findings that I share, you probably have the idea that I am a beacon of health, a perfect eater with a halo made of kale over my head. To give myself credit, I am a very healthy eater. And I’ve become much better, cutting out most processed foods from my life. But I still can’t nix the sweet treats. I melt like butter (oooh, or melted chocolate fondue!) in their presence.

 I’ve always known I’ve had an “issue” with sugar because if I don’t eat it, I don’t crave it. Simple as that. But when I finally DO have some, it’s a very slippery slope and then I end up eating sugar every day, until I try to break the cycle again.  When I eat sugar, I’m bloated, irritable, and have poor digestion and elimination. Above all else, I hate that something has control over me.

 So, on Sunday night, after downing two servings of Coconut Milk Ice Cream (which is friggin’ incredible, especially for lactose-intolerant peeps), I decided that “enough is enough,” “stop the insanity,” and all that stuff. I’m weaning myself off sugar. It’s time. So, you will be accompanying me on my journey to a sugar free (or, let’s get real—a sugar limited!)  life. I am cutting out, at least for NOW, all sugar, natural and processed (ie. Chocolate, alcohol, desserts, and even my precious special ordered raw clear agave nectar *sniff sniff*)  I will be eating fruit, only in the morning and on its own.

 Please join me as I cut the crap out of my diet! Along the way, I’ll be enlightening you about what sugar actually IS, its many forms, how to detect this sneaky culprit, and some tips for getting the sugar out. You might even be so bold as to join me on this adventure and look to where you can limit, or cut out, the sugar in your life. Wish me luck!

As an update, I’m on day 2 today. Yesterday wasn’t so bad, and I didn’t feel any withdrawl symptoms. I’m ramping up my protein intake a bit, since I learned that too little (or, too much) protein can lead to cravings. I’m experimenting what works with me.  When I wanted a little sweetness at 4pm, I had some carrots with a tablespoon of PB. It worked, and kept me satisfied until dinner.  After dinner is when the cravings strike hard, but I was a good girl  and had some teeccino (an herbal, grain coffee) with unsweetened almond milk. I skipped the Baileys this time, and watched with seething jealously as Matt poured himself a glass on the rocks.

Day 2: I am feeling a little edgy already. Hmmmm, I didn’t think I’d see symptoms of withdrawl so quickly. But here I am. I just had an apple  with a little smear of almond butter. I am going out with some school friends after class and it will take all the willpower I can muster not to have a glass of vino with them. But drinking wine, for me, tends to lead to overconsumption of food, and sweets, so I’m steering clear. More updates later.


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