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I read a lot of articles and blogs about nutrition and public health, and I’d like to start sharing some of them with you. In the past few months my eyes have been opened to the injustices in our food system and the importance of knowing exactly what you are putting into your body. It’s your decision to choose what you put in your mouth (you “vote” with your fork 3 times a day!), but at least know what it is you’re actually eating. 

In addition, there are constantly new findings in the nutriton world, so I am going to share those with you to keep you up to date. It’s important to keep in mind that just because a news story comes out about the power of, let’s say, grapefruit, it doesn’t mean that you should change your diet only eat grapefruit. Even if “The Incredible Lose Weight in 2 Days Grapefruit Diet” book comes out, and people claim to lose LOTS of weight, friends, it’s just a fad. True nutritional theories are tested time and time again with more or less the same results.  So try not to listen to the sensation that the media causes around food and diets. Always question everything! And by the way, the reason why diets seem to work in the beginning is because they all restrict calories–so of course you are going to lose weight, at first. Until your body realizes that grapefruit three times a day is a terrible idea. I’ve tried it, and yes, it’s definitely a bad choice!

Anyway, I digress…

caloriesThe first article I read today was posted on facebook by Joshua Rosenthal, the founder of Institute if Integrative Nutrition. Pretty shocking that nutritionists are grossly under-guessing calorie content meals. If the experts are confused, then the average person is really in deep doo-doo. I am a firm believer in posting the calorie contents at restaurants across the country. Now that you know how many calories are in a Starbucks scone, are you really still going to eat that as your 3pm pick-me-up?

milkThe second posting  from the blog on the Food & Water Watch  website is a look into buying milk, which has become extremely confusing, no to mention expensive. I rarely drink milk, but when I do, I mostly  buy milk that comes from grass-fed, pastured cows, and luckily my food coop sells it. And I just bought some fresh Goat’s milk from my farmer’s market–delish! If I can’t get there, I’ll buy hormone-free, organic milk that is usually from Stonyfield Farms. I’ve studied the company in my nutriton class and I like that they get milk from smaller dairies as opposed to a huge dairy factory.  The owner, Gary Hirschberg, was  a huge hippy-turned-businessman whose mission is to give back to the planet.  I do NOT by milk from Horizon, one of the big Agra-companies, whose business practices are less than acceptable–read about that here

On an end note, my purpose is not to upset you. My intention, though, is to challenge your current beliefs,  to educate and to share with you what I’m learning (and this is my blog, afterall). I’ll be discussing fun things, too, I promise.  A few people have contacted me with questions and topics they’d like to know more about, so please continue to do that!


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