A case of the night time munchies

June 11, 2009 at 1:34 am Leave a comment

Sounds like a children’s story book, right?late night eating

I came home from class today, committed to not eating when I walked through that door. I don’t like to eat past 8pm because I hate the feeling of going to bed full and thinking of all the undigested food just hanging out in my stomach while I’m sleeping. Plus, I like to wake up hungry. Anyway, I got home, did a few things around the house, and then unconsciously drifted to the kitchen. Took out the hummus, the Mary’s Gone Crackers (which, by the way, is a gift from the Cracker Gods), stood at the counter and just started eating.  Yes, I was a but hungry, but I could have chosen to  drink tea or teeccino instead. But no, of course I didn’t do that. That’s too easy! Out went the commitment and in(to) my mouth went the food.

That prompted me to think of why I was eating. Was I tired? Yes. Stressed? A bit. Hungry? Yeah, you could say that. Could I have taken a walk, called a friend, or done something to take my mind off of being hungry? Yes and yes, but not tonight!  And then I thought about what I ate today, and I recalled that I ate a smaller lunch. In fact, I had lunch at 1pm and then was hungry again at around 3:30, prompting me to eat a snack. I know my patterns, and if I don’t eat a big enough lunch, I’m pretty much screwed for the rest of the day. One big missing part of lunch was a grain–I always make sure I have some sort of grain at lunch to fill me up (like quinoa, rice, millet) and today I didn’t have any of that.

Now, I have some binging “issues” that I am currently working through apart from this, and a lot of them are emotionally triggered. But this time, I’m fairly certain that not eating enough during the day led me to overeating at night.  What are you eating for lunch? Is it enough to keep you satisfied through the afternoon, giving you energy, rather than taking it away? A salad, while healthy and low calorie, might not be hearty enough for you. Add in a grain, some fat, some protein, to keep you satisfied.  I should have taken my own advice!  Luckily, tmw is a new day to do it all over again!

Oh, and I should add that after the crackers, a little piece of dark chocolate hit the spot….


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Ooh baby I like it raw…chocolate. Some afternoon self-lovin

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