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New Age & breathing

I’m off to the New Age Health Spa with my mom for a nice long weekend in the Catskill Mountains. I can’t think of a time I needed this more. Oh yes, last vacation. I needed that then, too.

My plan is to wake up at 6 every morning for silent meditation followed by yoga, which seems to be the perfect way to start the day. Or, knowing me, I might just say “screw it,” sleep in, and pig out at the salad bar. It’s happened before.

Before I go, I want to leave you with one of my favorite breathing techniques, taught to me by Andrew Weil (in person, a few weeks ago!)I’ve been using this CD for about a year now, however, and trust me, it works. It only takes 30 seconds out of your day, so no excuses, ok!

Please note that you can do this standing, sitting in a chair, or laying down. Your tongue should gently touch the roof of your mouth, the ridge right behind your front teeth.

1. With your mouth closed, breathe in for a count of 4.

2. Hold your breath for a count of 7

3. Slowly exhale through  an open mouth for a count of 8. Don’t rush this–the last bit of air should be exhaled when you hit 8.  When breathing out, try to make a loud “whooshing” noise with the the exhale.

SO…to recap. Breathe in (mouth closed) for 4. Hold for 7. And breathe out (open mouth) for 8.

Repeat this 4 times. Twice a day. That’s it.  Just 4 times.  After you’ve been doing this for a few months, let me know, and I’ll give you phase 2. But just start with this little bit now.

And one more thing to remember about breathing in general…it’s the exhale that relaxes you more than the inhale. Try to get into the habit of focusing on the exhale part of your breath, forcing out every little bit of air from your lungs.  That’s the part that really relaxes you. You’ll be in ommmm-ing in no time.

Buy this CD-it rocks!

Buy this CD-it rocks!

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