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Itchy eyes and allergies

First off, many thanks to the well wishes from friends on cake & carrots! Your support means so much! I want to encourage you to take an active role in this blog. PLEASE ask questions and tell me what YOU want to know about. If I don’t know a certain topic, and trust me, there is so much I don’t know, I certainly can find someone who does.

I don’t know about you, but my allergies are killing me. This past Friday I developed a sore throat out of the blue for a day. Along with everyone else, I’ve been sneezing and feeling a bit itchy all over. From the sneezes I hear on the subway and on the street, many of you are feeling the same way.

However, there may be something else going on when your eyes are itchy according to Stephan Rechtschaffen, founder of the Omega Center in Rhinebeck, NY.  Do you get itchy around your whole eye? Do you feel like you want to rub them out of your head? Or–Do just the inside corners of your eyes itch?

If you said the latter, it could very well be the sign of a food allergy. Cool, right? I had never heard that before, but when he mentioned that at a lecture in school, of course the corners of my eyes started itching.  Many of us have food allergies and intolerances we are unaware of, and this is just one sign of them. Keep a food journal to track your body’s response to certain foods or do an allergy eliminiation diet (more on that later)  to find the cause of your itchy eyes. You might be surprised at what you find!

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